A Family Friendly Restaurant in Frankfort, MI

we Have a Full Bar!

FrankZ of Frankfort Menu

FrankZ  Menu 

Hot Dog

A hot dog with ketchup and mustard optional. 


Cheddar Dog

FrankZ chili , shredded cheddar.


Ultra Dog 

FrankZ chili, onion, pickle, cheddar, ketchup, mustard.


Coney Dog

Natural casing dog, FrankZ chili, onion, mustard.


Chicago Dog

Natural casing dog, tomato, sport pepper, onion, pickles, mustard. celery salt. NO ketchup…. ever.


The Works Dog

A delicious hot dog topped with onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard for more deliciousness. Add unlimited toppings for an extra $0.50. Excludes Man Dip and chili.


Brian Dog

A dog topped with our signature FrankZ chili and Man Dip sauce then we garnish it with onions and cheddar cheese.


FrankZ Dog

FrankZ chili, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard.



FrankZ chili, onion, sauerkraut, tomato, mustard.


Panther Dog

Man dip and shredded cheddar.


Dog Man

Man dip, jalapeno, onion, honey sriracha.


Natural Casing

Upgrade your dog, it’s naturally better.


Sides & Starters

FrankZ Crispy Fries

Crispy battered fries. 


FrankZ Fries

Crispy fries, Frankz chili, cheddar.


Betsie Fries 

Crispy fries, Man Dip, cheddar, green onion. Voted best fries in Northern Michigan by MLive.


Side of Man Dip

3 oz. of our famous Man dip.


Gyro Egg Rolls

They are as good as they sound.


Rueben Egg Rolls

House-made corned beef, Swiss cheese, kraut, and rye rolled up and fried to a golden brown. Served with a side of Thousand Island.


Onion Petals 

ACrispy battered onions with messy ranch.



Grab a bag.



FrankZ Gyro 

Pita, Gyro meat, feta, red onion, Roma tomato, tzatziki sauce. 


Veggie Gyro

Pita, FrankZ fresh salad mix, Roma tomato, crispy chickpeas, red onion, tzatziki sauce, feta.



Chicken Strip Basket 

Five crispy chicken strips with a 1/2 pound of fries.


Extra Sauce

BBQ, Ranch, Messy Ranch, Blue Cheese, Hot Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, Honey Mustard.


Boneless Wings 

10 boneless breaded wings with two 3 oz. sauces.



Greek Salad

FrankZ fresh salad mix, Roma tomato, red onion, Kalamata olive blend, pepperoncini pepper, and feta.


Add Gyro Meat 


Add Crispy Chickpeas


Frankfort Salad

FrankZ fresh salad mix, dried cherries, red onion, Roma tomato, sliced almonds, and feta.


Add Chicken Strips



20 oz. Soft Drink 


Bottled Water


Kids Meals

Chicken Tenders

8 Paw Patrol nuggets with one sauce, a bag of chips, and a 12 oz. drink.


Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese, a bag of chips, and a 12 oz. drink.



Our Full Service Bar

FrankZ Sunset Punch

This light, refreshing drink captures summertime and turns it into a tasty cocktail. 

FrankZ of Frankfort Menu

Hiezenbuerg Margarita 

This margarita is so good it was named after the infamous Walter White for its ability to keep people coming back! 

Rotating Taps & To-Go Cocktails

FrankZ keeps 5 rotating taps and offers cocktails To-Go! From margaritas to bloody mary’s, FrankZ serves up the best drinks around.