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325 Main St

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FrankZ Restaurant
in Frankfort!

the Best Family Friendly Restaurant in Frankfort, MI

Open Noon – 8 PM Daily

Who We Are

Food for everyone

FrankZ offers delicious food that everyone in the family will love. From American classics like hotdogs to Mediterranean Gyro FrankZ is the perfect place to bring family and friends for good times.

best Family Friendly Restaurant in Frankfort, MI.

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A trip to the beautiful coastal town of Frankfort is not complete without a trip to FrankZ. Primarily open in the summer FrankZ is the go-to spot for families and folks looking to enjoy good times and good food & drink.

We Have A Full Bar

& Weekly Specials!

A Family Friendly Restaurant  

With Great Food

FrankZ Crispy Fries

Crispy battered fries. A FrankZ favorite, these fries are as perfectly crisped as they look. 

FrankZ Loaded Fries

Indulge in Northern Michigan’s best fries, crowned by MLive. Crispy fries layered with Man Dip, cheddar, and green onions – a flavor-packed experience in every bite!

Gourmet Hotdogs

Frankz chili, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard. Our original loaded hotdog. Not sure what dog to get? This is a great pick.

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The Best Family Friendly Restaurant in Frankfort, MI


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325 Main Street, Frankfort MI